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“ 文 鹏 部 分 过 往 作 品 ”


Performance White-man Series:

•   艺术卑微 / 2001

•   The Humble Art / 2001


I lay on the hall door,just across the audience to enter the hall of my work

•   玩木偶 / 2003

•   Puppet play / 2003


To his head,hands,feet,respectively,with a rope attached,controlled by the audience

•   不倒翁 / 2004

•   Tumbler / 2004


I fixed the base in the spring by pulling the audience too rickety

•   玩电游 / 2006

•   Play video games / 2006 


Key area for operating the electronic game audience,I command performance by

•   打地鼠 / 2007

•   Hit shrewmouse / 2007


ChinaRat holes in the ground,out into the true and fales white head,the audience may have selected against

•   玩蹦极 / 2008

•   Bungee / 2008


Viewers press the red button,I wad playing to half empty

•   丢西红柿 / 2009 

•   Throw tomatoes / 2009   


500kg tomatoes,the audience lost to me,i was hanging on my wall

•   玩电视 / 2010

•   Play TV / 2010 


Viewers control TV,I perform for the TV sound

•   奈何桥 / 2011 

•   Gates of hell / 2011


I am dringking wine through the gate of hell,I am drunk on the loss of memory

•   贴面游戏 / 2012

•   Face game / 2012 


White man in the exhibition hall,constandy close to different audiences

•   功夫·千层纸 / 2013

•   Kung Fu thousands of layers of paper / 2013 


Whites man hit a stack of newspapers,three thousand fists,the audience free to hit

•   摆拍 / 2014 

•   Shot pur / 2014


White man by several people carrying,in the city streets,at the mercy,was made into photographs

•   来北京呆一天 / 2015

•   Come to Beijing for a day / 2015


White man in the cage,do not eat do not drink pull,was imprisoned for 24 hours

•   一根小刺 / 2016

•   Small thorn / 2016


White man put themselves in a closed list,watching a porn masturbation


Monologue Series:

•   盗墓者 / 2008

•   Tomb Raider / 2008

•   乞丐 / 2009

•   Beggar / 2009 

•   动物的世界 / 2010

•   Animal world / 2010


Language Painting Series

•   语画系列之十一 / 2012

•   No.11 Composition / 2012




Master Ayi is the abbot of Hongshan Temple,which is just a suburbun temple,but historically was the birthplace of a genre of Zen.In recent years due to the donations of the believers from Hong Kong,Macau and Aingapore,this small temple got revamped and becames revived.

In the light of prosperity of the the temple,Master Ayi is more and more successful in his career:CPPCC membership-Chairman of the provincial Buddhist Association-Representative of People'Congress,which makes the Master busy and happy

Recently,nationwide all of the goverment departments were engaged in the campaign of“Singing Revolution songs”.The master also joined,but this was not a pleasent thing for him.He grew up in the temple and is not good at singing.In addition,he never got trained or involved in such kind of activity.He spent more than three times the time than the other practicing it,but still failed to sing a complete song.Luckly,most of the songs were performed in the form of chorus,so he could only imiate the gestures of other people and affect singing.However,as a Buddhist abbot,his act is really a disgrace to the Buddha.

But after a period of practice,Master Ayi finds out that he can chant the scripture of deep sorrow much better than before.It seems this campaign is beneficial to Master Ayi actually. 


•   语画系列之十三 / 2013

•   No.13 Composition / 2013






Ayi was born in a little lifeless villaage,which is traffic inconvenience,a lot of hills instead field and none of mineral products.Ayi lived here for more than 30 years,and do not married.This poor village have many single men,even if give them a lot of women by goverment policy that can not solve these embarrassing phenomenon.

Ayi have plenty time because of he had not enough farmland to work.There is noting especial amusement but kinds of gamble games.Therefore,Ayi waste a lot of time in those gamble games that often lose money and beaten by other gambler.

Last year,there comes a new wide road in front of Ayi's house.The small village also began to turn the world upside down change by seized houses,farmland and hills.This changes brings Ayi gets a small fortune,then make him so excited that can not sleep all night for several days.

A few days later,some gambler invited Ayi do some games as usual,but this time they comes to a bigger gambling house.At end of those games,Ayi had lose all the money which is just got in this period,Finally,when he came home and go to bed he realized everything happened in these days like a extraordinary reality dream through the night.

•   语画系列之三十 / 2014

•   No.30 Composition / 2014




Ayi is awakened from his sleeping,“get up work”Ayi takes his thing and out in a daze.

They come to a billiard hall and surround two men,they strapped the two men to two trees with a kinfe,they use two lockable steel ring lock the two men on the tree.It looks brother prepared the thing today,he takes three black things to the two men and said:“Those are my fingers,ears and half a piece of meat on my thigh you cut,today i have to pay you back”

More and more people Crowd,brother seems excited.He drew a knife in a men's face and makes his bone-meat separated.Then he cut the little finger from another person,half a ear,in the thing and dug a piece of meat,all crammed into the first man's cheek,and then uses a needle to seam up.That makes the man's face looks very strange.

“the police is coming”a voice said,big brother takes his gun and shot to the sky,the brother and Ayi disappear in the crowd


News breakfast  Series:

•   新闻早餐 / 综合材料 / 50x62cm / 2016

•   News breakfast / Mixed materials / 50x62cm / 2015


News Farm  Series:

•   籼稻1号 / 水泥 钢筋 现成品 / 2016

•   A number of Indica Rice / Cement reinforced concrete / 2016

•   农场米 / 水泥、钢筋、现成品 / 2016

•   Farm rice / Cement、reinforced、concrete / 2016






—— 袁霆轩

As news coverage cannot affirm the truth, the society cannot disclose undesirable circumstances in real life.

Like a kind of adhesive, the function of news is to exempt people from the virtual world, the “dream space”, self-indulgence in utopian realm, also to confine the fixed thinking mode within invariably mundane conventions, in this way, individuals identify themselves by means of perceiving others’ existence and reflexively endow the world with truthfulness.      

Wen Peng's engagement in news is premised on a singular perspective of contemporary art, in other words, in the “animal manor” of information abuse, falsity is truth and what is virtual is realistic. Tracing back to the era of farming, there were so many fractures in time and space, however, the dominance explicitly presented itself owing to fragility. As of the postmodern society, the power exercises thorough control by means of information technology without showing much effort. News emerges everywhere and passes in the blink of an eye, it can be linked to gossips and scandals or connected with realistic, sanguinary killings.    

On the express way of the progress of history, as the repeatedly crushed dust is being rolled over and over toughly, behind the concealed microscopic perception, what kind of wickedness is sweeping swiftly in the name of legitimate righteousness?

In this sense, by analyzing the absurdity of news, Wen Peng is to ask who should be held accountable for the violations in contemporary society. Through the intervention of artistic perspective, what the artist’s work showcases is the anatomy and resettlement of the external world in an unreasonable manner. The instant of heavy downpour is just the moment that wildfire breaks out in the mountain.

—— Yuan Tingxuan

文 鹏

1977  出生于中国湖南宁乡

2001  湖南师范大学毕业,中国长沙




■  2016   新闻农场挤奶工的春天 文鹏个展 前行美术馆 中国长沙

■  2014   “人•偶”文鹏个人项目 美国大使馆Taxi艺术沙龙空间,中国北京

               《玩雾》腾挪空间 中国广州

■  2013 《独角戏》文鹏艺术实验 798白盒子 中国北京

■  2011   2:54文鹏个展  中国长沙

■  2010 《扁担戏》文鹏独角戏展播周 中国北京

■  2009 《被掏空的躯壳》文鹏行为展播 中国长沙

                “白人的头皮屑”文鹏个展 中国长沙

■  2008   “欢乐的梦魇”文鹏个展 中国北京

■  2002  《乌托邦》装置艺术个展   中国长沙



■  2016

《一根小刺》   “倒刺”湖南实验艺委会年度展 中国长沙

《语画系列》    别处?organhaus特别计划2016 中国重庆

《通灵小物件》“在云上—行为艺术现场” 中国昆明、师宗

《长沙或西安》西安国际行为艺术节 中国西安

《展品》            腾挪---一所民宅艺术机构的自制之维 中国深圳

《新闻早餐》    出湘入湖当代艺术展 中国长沙

■  2015

《玩跳尸》        798艺术节“推介展”个展系列 中国北京

《石头剪刀布》“从1984到美丽新世界”湖南实验艺委会年度展 中国长沙

《独角戏》        798艺术节新民间转换展 中国北京


《新闻早餐系列》极目楚天湖南艺术方阵 中国长沙

《作品十一号》    即兴《降温3度》《等天黑60分》重要的不是身体 中国成都

《来北京呆一天》拖吧π空间 中国北京

《新闻早餐系列》《语画系列》《白人系列》反叛与游牧当代艺术展 中国长沙

《无题二十八》    当量 湖南省油画学会年度作品展 中国长沙

■  2014 

《在连通》         第三届木鱼湖艺术节 中国湘潭

《通灵系列》    此时彼地油画展 中国广州

《独角戏》        理想之光艺术展 中国长沙

《语画系列》    湖南当代艺术生态考察第一回 中国长沙

《游走魔方》     行为艺术单元 中国北京

■  2013 

《语画系列》     联合双年展之桃园内外 中国长沙

《纸新闻》         报刊当代艺术展    中国长沙

《梦里婚姻》     段江华和他的学生 中国北京

■  2012 

《语画系列》     “从写实出发”湖南青年艺术家提名展 中国长沙

《贴面游戏》     望京soho 中国北京

■  2011 

《藏》                 新媒体与民间实验展 中国重庆


《奈何桥》         中国长沙浏阳河艺术园

《独角戏》        亚洲当代艺术展 中国澳门 

《白天过了是黑夜》 澳门国际现场艺术节 中国澳门

■  2010 

   湖南当代青年艺术展 中国北京

《玩皮影》系列  新鲜——十种可能 中国北京

《水上风筝》      “月湖发生”第二届现场艺术节 中国长沙

《玩电视》          “缘”当代艺术展 中国长沙

■  2009

《没开好头的成语接龙》 行为《玩鱼漂》第六届长沙当代艺术展 中国长沙

《做宅男的理由》GREEN当代艺术项目 中国北京

《丢西红柿》      “两湖潮流”湖北湖南当代艺术30年 中国广州

《独角戏乞丐》  西安第三届“谷雨”行为艺术节 中国西安

■  2008

《白人系列》      康嘉若画廊  中国北京

《玩蹦极》          以身现身中国行为艺术文献展  中国澳门

  帕克斯艺术项目开幕展  中国北京

《玩具鼠》         798艺术节艺术不是什么  中国北京

《独角戏》         平遥国际摄影展  中国平遥

《丢沙包》         身体与身体  中国北京

《独角戏》         生活在宋庄  中国北京

《行为语录系列》辛福当代艺术展 中国北京

《抓小偷》         长沙首届行为艺术节 中国长沙

《捉迷藏》         中国长沙

《玩跳狮》         冰上盐长沙现场艺术  中国长沙

■  2007

《打地鼠》         第五届大道现场艺术节 中国北京

《玩滑轮》         辣第五届长沙当代艺术展   中国长沙

《玩具车》         八方行为艺术交流展  中国成都

《打地鼠》         三夹板行为艺术展  中国长沙

■  2006

《行为语录系列》 闪光灯长沙当代实验摄影展  中国长沙

《幸运大罗盘》 第七届open国际行为艺术节  中国北京

《玩电游》         地域餐桌第四届长沙当代艺术展   中国长沙

《玩棋子》         陌生景观当代艺术展  中国北京

■  2005

《不倒翁》         以身现身中国行为艺术文献展  中国澳门

《人力发电机》《不倒翁》第二届中国艺术三年展   中国南京

“注意搜索”苏河艺术CG展  中国上海

■  2004

《不倒翁》         T/M/D第三届长沙当代艺术展   中国长沙

 “人工快感”中国当代艺术展  澳大利亚墨尔本

 首届“眨眼”录像艺术节   中国长沙

■  2003

《靠近》             首届北京国际DV论坛  作品荣获实验片优秀奖   中国北京

《三伏》             龙舍酒吧   中国长沙

《玩木偶》         “被制造的快乐”当代艺术展   中国北京

《找乐鸡鸭》     北京“回音”再造798主题展   中国北京

■  2002

《葡萄》、装置《找乐鸡鸭》第二届长沙当代艺术展   中国长沙

《白人》系列    中国长沙

■  2001

《泡泡消失》     首届长沙当代艺术展   中国长沙

《艺术卑微》 、装置《看手相》《珍惜》身份过程实验艺术展   中国长沙

■  2000

《消毒》、《文化快餐》,经视台城市语文  中国长沙

《祭》               师大艺术学院球场  中国长沙

《布道》            平和堂  中国长沙

Wen Peng

■  1977   Ningxiang, Hunan Province, China.  

■   2001 Wen Peng graduated from the College of Art of Hunan Normal University . He currently lives in Changsha, Hunan, where he devotes himself to performance, video and installation art as well as oil painting


■  2016 

“News farm Jinaigong`s spring”Wen peng solo exhibition changsha china

■ 2014

Human doll sanlitun dipiomacy builoing hosted by the united states embassy Beijing taxi art salon

"fog" behavior play space sabaki Chinese Guangzhou

■  2013

"monodrama" WenPeng art experiment 798 white box Chinese Beijing

■  2011

WenPeng 2:54 solo exhibition China changsha

■  2010

WenPeng one-man show weeks  Beijing China

■  2009

"has been hollowed out shell," wenpeng`s solo exhibition  Changsha China

“White man`s dandruff” wenpeng`s solo exhibition  Changsha China

■  2008

“Joyful nightmare” Wenpeng solo exhibition Beijing China

■  2002

“Utopia”Solo Installation Art Exhibition  Changsha China


■  2016 

“Cut off the civilization`s throat ”Group exhibition of experimental art committee of hunan artists association

“on the other side”Organhaus special art program  chongqin china

"In the cloud - the scene of the behavior of the arts", Kunming, Shizong

“Changsha or Xi'an”  Xi'an International Arts Festival, Xi'an, China

“Tengnuo - dimension” maneuvers art institutions China Shenzhen

“Breakfast news” Out of Hunan into the lake of contemporary art exhibition in Changsha, China

■  2015

"play jump" corpse 798 Arts Festival beijing china

"From the 1984 to the beautiful new world" Hunan experimental art annual exhibition China Changsha

The Unicorn 798 Arts Festival beijing china

"Animal world" behavior, "", "a Peiliao day", "a crazy drunk" in planning art "behavior Andorra network" Chinese Changsha

“News breakfast” series Hunan Chinese Changsha Jimu Chutian Art Square

"cool 3 degrees", "and so on," "60 points" is not the body of Chengdu, China

"to stay in Beijing one day" beijing china

 Rebellion and nomadic the alchmy of city experience  Changsha China

■  2014

“In connection” with the third session of the Muyu Lake Art Festival in China Xiangtan

"Psychic series" at this time the oil painting exhibition in Guangzhou, China

"Monologue" ideal light art exhibition in China Changsha

"Language painting series" Hunan contemporary art ecological inspection first back to China Changsha

"Walking Cube" Behavioral Art Unit Beijing, China

■  2013

"language painting series" United Biennale in Taoyuan International China Changsha

"newspaper" contemporary art exhibition China Changsha

"dream marriage" section of Jiang Hua and his students China Beijing

■  2012

Nomination Exhibition Young Artists From Hunan

" veneer game" Wangjing SOHO Chinese Beijing

■  2011

PAN ASIA 4 Performance Art Network ASIA 2011/Seoul Art Space-Mullae,Guangju Museum of Art,Korea/2011.10

"Naihe Bridge" Liuyang River Art Garden, Changsha, China

“body metaphors” Asia contemporary art exhibition

macan internationai performance art  festival Asia live art showcase

■  2010

Hunan yoush art exhibition of contemporary

Innovation  10 Possibilities ( JOYART, Beijing )

The 2th “ChangSha” Live Art Festival (Changsha,China)

Second scene arts festival  Changsha China

"margin" contemporary art exhibition  China changsha

■  2009

"has been hollowed out shell," wenpeng`s solo exhibition  Changsha China-

6th changsha contemporary art exhibition

Application form of GREEN art fair2009 Beijing China

Trends in Hubei and Hunan Chinese Contemporary Art 1985-2009 Guangzhou China

 White man`s dandruff wenpeng`s solo exhibition  Changsha China

Xian No3 "guyu"performance  art festivals Xian China

■  2008

"to play bungee" are coming to China Performance Art Documenta Macao China

"toy mouse" 798 Art Festival Beijing China

"one-man show," Pingyao International Photography Exhibition Pingyao China

"throwing sand" and the physical body Beijing China

"one-man show," Song Zhuang people living Beijing China

"series of performance of quotation" Xinfu Contemporary Art Exhibition  Beijing  China

“Grasping thief” First changsha performance art festivals Changsha China

2008 Joyful nightmare Wenpeng solo exhibition Beijing China

“Hoodman-blind” Changsha China

“Playing jump leo” Icefall Changsha Live Art Changsha China

■  2007

“Hit shrewmouse” 5th DaDao Live Art Festivai Beijing China

“Playing pulley” The 5th chang sha contemporary art exhibition Changsha China

“Minicar” Eight areas performance art  exchange exhibition chengdu China

“Hit shrewmouse” Three-ply performance art  exhibition Changsha China

■  2006

“Performance  ana” The changsha contenporary photodrapy exhibition Changsha China

7th open international performance art festival

Local Table The 4th chang sha contemporary art exhibition

■  2005

Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art Macao China

The Second Triennial Of Chinese Art Nanjing China

”Search alert” 2005 Creek CG Art Exhibition  Shanghai China

■  2004

”T.M.D”The 3th Changsha Contemporary Art Exhibition  Changsha China

”Artificial Happiness” China Contemporary Art Exhibition  Melboume,Australia

”The first “Wink” Video Art Festival  Changsha China

■  2003

“closer with somebody”The first Beijing International DV Forum granted award of experimented short video excellence  Beijing China

”Playing with the Puppet” “The Artificial Happiness”Beijing Contemporary Art Exhibition  Beijing China

“The Hottest Days”Longshe Bar  Changsha China

”Touch the Funny Cock or Duck” Reconstruction of 798Main Exhibition-echo Theme Exhibition  Beijing China

■  2002

”Grapes”,Installation”Touch the Funny Cock or Duck” planned the 2th Changsha Contemporary Art Exhibition  Changsha China

“The Vanishing Bubbles”the first Changsha contemporary Art Exhibition  Changsha China

“Utopia”Solo Installation Art Exhibition  Changsha China

“white colored Man” Changsha China

■  2001

“The Vanishing Bubbles”The lst Changsha contemporary Art Exhibition  Changsha China

“cherishing”selected into the graduation exhibition performance“the Humble Art”,installation“palmestry”,“cherishing”Experimental Art Exhibition  Changsha China

■  2000

“Disinfection”,“Fast Food of Culture” performance in a TV programme called“Urban Language and Literature”hold by ETV Changsha China

“Offer Sacrifices to the Ancestors” the playground of Art College,Hunan Normal University  Changsha China

“Preaching”  Pinghetang Department store Changsha China

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